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    Limited Product Warranty


    Give your distributors a limited warranty for goods supplied, manufactured or repaired by you with this Limited Product Warranty template.

    • The supplier (you) gives no warranty for fitness of use.
    • The distributor's sole remedy under the warranty is for repair or replacement, or refund of the purchase price, at the supplier's option.
    • The warranty is automatically terminated upon accident, misuse, or alteration of the product.
    • Consequential and incidental damages are expressly excluded.

    Download the Limited Product Warranty form immediately after you purchase it. Use it as often as you like.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Price Quote Provisions for Manufacturing Agreement


    These optional Price Quote provisions can be added to a Manufacturing Agreement, to provide for the following items:

    • The price quote is based on current costs of materials and labor.
    • Cancellation costs, taxes and levies will be paid by the customer.
    • The customer indemnifies the manufacturer against losses or damages.
    • Provisions for dealing with damaged or defective goods.
    • Prices are subject to change.
    • Shipping and delivery dates.
    • Billing and payment methods.
    These Price Quote Provisions for Manufacturing Agreement are generic (not country-specific) and can be used almost anywhere.

    Exclusive Right of Supply Agreement


    Manufacturers and suppliers, prepare an Exclusive Right of Supply Agreement for a customer with this easy-to-use template.

    • The manufacturer will manufacture certain products for the customer, and will act as exclusive supplier of these products.
    • Prices on finished products will be determined by the quantity in each order which are delivered to and accepted by the customer. The manufacturer may change prices to reflect the costs of its raw materials or any increases in taxes or duty.
    • The manufacturer may also increase item prices or decrease any quantity or cash discount, and the customer has the right to reject any such change.
    • The customer must provide a regular forecast of its requirements, and must place orders sufficiently in advance of shipment dates to allow the manufacturer time to complete the orders.
    The Exclusive Right of Supply Agreement template is generic (not country specific). Downloadable and fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

    Manufacturer's Conditions of Sale


    This downloadable set of Conditions of Sale can be easily tailored for your needs and attached as a schedule to a manufacturing sales agreement. The conditions include:

    • price to be paid by the purchaser for the manufactured items,
    • payment terms,
    • liability of the seller,
    • patent infringement claims,
    • delivery dates,
    • shipment terms,
    • availability of goods.

    To get your copy of the Conditions of Sale, put it in your shopping cart and check out with our secure payment portal.