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    Michigan Notice of Commencement for Non-Residential Property


    If you are doing improvements to a non-residential property in Michigan, you must give notice to all interested parties by serving them with this Notice of Commencement form.

    • The Notice of Commencement notifies lien claimants and other interested parties of the scheduled construction or renovation work.
    • The form sets out relevant information about the contractor, the property owner or lessee, and the owner's ⁄ lessee's designee.
    • It also contains instructions on how a claimant's lien may be preserved, and a list of steps that the owner ⁄ lessee must follow.

    Do you own or manage multiple commercial properties? You can re-use the Michigan Notice of Commencement form for all of your non-residential construction projects.

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    Last Updated: 20-January-2021
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    Michigan Partial Unconditional Waiver of Lien


    Have you received a partial payment on a construction or renovation project? Under the Michigan Construction Liens Act you must now give the owner a Partial Unconditional Waiver of Lien.

    • The Waiver form releases the contractor's lien rights up to the amount stated in the Waiver.
    • Your lien rights should only be waived once the payment is actually received, not before.
    • This is the prescribed form required under Sec. 570.1115.9(1) of the Act.

    You'll be able to download your copy of the Full Unconditional Waiver of Lien as soon as you have purchased the form. Then you can use it on all your projects.

    Michigan Full Unconditional Waiver of Lien


    Michigan contractors, release your lien rights after receipt of final payment on a construction project with this Full Unconditional Waiver of Lien.

    • The Waiver and Release authorizes a release of any lien rights or claims for payment which the contractor may have against the owner's property, and indicates that final payment has been made in full.
    • This release form should only be used if you have received final payment (except for any disputed amounts).
    • This is the prescribed form as set out in § 570.1115.9(c) of the Michigan Construction Liens Act.

    Sec. 570.1115(2) requires you to provide the Full Unconditional Waiver of Lien to the property owner once you have actually received full and final payment. Buy it and use it on all your projects.