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    Ontario Share Purchase Agreement Between Equal Partners


    Sell all your shares to your partner with this Share Purchase Agreement for an Ontario corporation.

    • This template is for a company that has two shareholders who are equal partners.
    • One partner sells all of its shares to the other partner for cash.
    • The buyer will secure a release of any guarantees provided by the seller with respect to the business.
    • The seller will release the buyer from all claims and agrees to sign a non-competition agreement.

    This downloadable Ontario Share Purchase Agreement is an easy exit strategy for an equal partner to transfer its interest while allowing the business to continue operations.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
    SKU: 4946
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    Ontario Share Transfer and Release Forms


    Prepare share transfers for an Ontario corporation with this Share Transfer and Release Forms package:

    • Share Transfer and Indemnity Form, to transfer all of the shares of a corporation to a purchaser. The seller indemnifies the buyer and releases the corporation from any claims the seller may have with respect to the seller's involvement with the corporation.
    • A simpler form of Share Transfer, to transfer all or part of a shareholder's shares to another party.
    • A resolution of the directors of the corporation approving the share transfer.
    This Ontario Share Transfer and Release Forms Package is available in MS Word format.