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    2013, May

    0 Naturalization or Citizenship - What is the difference?

    I just renewed my Canadian passport, and one of the questions on the renewal form was "Are you a naturalized Canadian?" Which started me wondering about what a "naturalized Canadian" is, and what the difference is between naturalization and Canadian citizenship.

    0 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Indemnity Bonds

    An indemnity bond (also called a surety bond or fidelity bond) is a form of insurance purchased by one party to a contract as a means of compensating a second party to the contract, should the first party fail to deliver on its promises or perform its obligations. The bond is guaranteed by a third party (usually a bank) which agrees to pay the second party if the first party defaults.

    0 The Pros & Cons of Professional Condo Management vs. a Self Managing Board

    As a condo owner, I've been asked on several occasions at AGMs to discuss the benefits of having a professional property management company take over running our self-managed condominium. Every unit owner in our building knows that this will mean an increase in our monthly condo fees, but will the benefits make the extra costs worthwhile? Let's look at the pros and cons of each type of condo management.