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    2013, June

    0 Living Through a Disaster Shows a Community's True Spirit

    Calgary has just been through the worst flood in our history. And we've become better neighbours and better friends. To my fellow Calgarians, you are my heroes.

    0 The Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Not Be Without an NDA

    Confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, NDAs, business protection agreements – no matter what you call them, they're an essential part of a company's internal and external contractual structure. There is no good reason for your business not to use an NDA, and many reasons you should have at least one good sample NDA in your corporate toolbox.

    0 Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Business Accounting

    TODAY'S GUEST POST: Every business owner wants their company to be organised and well run and have a good reputation. Businesses are too often let down by poorly run accounts that unfortunately cause a ricochet effect of integral information and reporting not being as readily available as it should be. Hiring an accountancy practice is an extremely cost-effective way of running the non-core activities within your business, avoiding all unnecessary anarchy.