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    0 What Canadian Travelers Can Do to Avoid High Medical Costs Abroad

    Baby boomers have the freedom and the resources to travel but they are also of an age when they face the very real possibility of incurring medical costs in a foreign country. So how do you indulge your passion for travel while providing for unexpected medical emergencies at the same time?

    0 9 Things You Should Do if You're Involved in an Auto Accident

    Do you know what to do if you're involved in an automobile accident? Here is a list of 9 steps you should follow.

    0 Keep Your Little Trick or Treaters Safe This Halloween

    Happy Halloween! Time to celebrate all things ghostly and ghouly while we await the arrival of the Great Pumpkin! Halloween should be fun for all, so let's make sure all the little monsters stay safe and happy by following a few basic guidelines.

    0 Can an Employee Sue Me Over a Work-Related Injury?

    In any workplace that employs a large number of employees or in a job that has certain hazardous elements (like construction, welding, mining, etc), it's a certainty that from time to time someone will be injured on the job. As the employer, it's your responsibility to provide your employees with a safe workplace and with the tools, equipment and training they need to reduce the likelihood of injury.

    0 How Safe is Your Home While You're Away for the Holidays?

    If you're going to be away from home for holidays or business, hiring a house sitter can protect your home and pets while you're away. And using our ready-made housesitting contracts and checklists makes the process so simple while putting the terms of the agreement down in writing.

    0 Stay safe out there on the slopes!

    From skiing to snowboarding, there are few experiences in life that can match the exhilaration of strapping on the boards and hitting the slopes on a sunny winter day. But extreme snow sports aren’t all just fun and games. There can be some real risks involved as well.

    0 Traveling with a Child? Make Sure You Have a Consent Form With You.

    A parental consent letter, stating that the adult in charge has the parent's or guardian's permission to travel with the child and authorizing him/her to make decisions on behalf of that child, is now essential - especially if traveling out of the child's country of residence. It should be signed by every person who has custodial rights over the child.

    0 Can I Get Sued if a Contractor Gets Hurt While Working on My Property?

    It's a nightmare to think about - a roofing contractor working on your house slips and falls off your roof, resulting in serious injuries. You have many sleepless nights wondering if he's going to sue you. What can you do to protect against such risks?

    0 What is the Difference Between an Accident and an Incident?

    In occupational health and safety lingo, the terms "accident" and "incident" may appear to be interchangeable - but they're not. An incident is any situation that unexpectedly arises in the workplace which has the potential to cause injury, damage or harm. An accident is actually an incident that resulted in someone being injured or damage being done to property.

    0 Is It Time to Appoint a Guardian or Trustee for Your Aging Parent?

    Those of us who are members of the Baby Boomer generation who are still lucky enough to have one or both parents living are now facing some tough decisions when it comes to caring for our parents. It’s important to help them retain their independence and personal dignity for as long as possible, but if they are reaching a point where they cannot manage everything (whether due to physical or mental deterioration, or a combination of both), it becomes necessary to appoint someone close to them to take over those actions and decisions that they are no longer able to handle.