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    0 How Driverless Cars are Changing the Auto Insurance Industry

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has made his position clear that if one of their self-driving cars has an accident, Tesla will not be liable and it will be up to the individual’s insurance unless the accident was the result of a design flaw. Volvo, Google and Mercedes Benz, on the other hand, have all stated that they would accept full responsibility. The real question is, how will insurance companies assess liability between the manufacturer and the driver, or will they hold both parties accountable?

    0 Can an Employee Sue Me Over a Work-Related Injury?

    In any workplace that employs a large number of employees or in a job that has certain hazardous elements (like construction, welding, mining, etc), it's a certainty that from time to time someone will be injured on the job. As the employer, it's your responsibility to provide your employees with a safe workplace and with the tools, equipment and training they need to reduce the likelihood of injury.

    0 Personal Guarantees - What You Need to Know Before You Sign

    Learn what you need to know about personal guarantees before you sign one.

    0 Can notaries and commissioners be held legally liable?

    If you are a non-lawyer notary public or commissioner for oaths, you may have concerns about your exposure for liability when taking an oath, affirmation or declaration.

    0 How to Protect Your Business From Creditors

    The time to protect your assets and your business investment from creditors is before any financial problems arise. If you attempt to protect your business assets after you borrow money or after a financial or creditor issue arises, you may allow your business creditors a better chance of accessing your assets and challenging any planning you have done.

    0 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Indemnity Bonds

    An indemnity bond (also called a surety bond or fidelity bond) is a form of insurance purchased by one party to a contract as a means of compensating a second party to the contract, should the first party fail to deliver on its promises or perform its obligations. The bond is guaranteed by a third party (usually a bank) which agrees to pay the second party if the first party defaults.

    0 Understanding Your Risks Under a Personal Guarantee

    For a start-up, a business loan may be the only way to get your operation off the ground. So if you find yourself with no other option, you may have to bite the bullet and sign that guarantee. Just make sure you know what the risks are before you do that.

    0 Can I Get Sued if a Contractor Gets Hurt While Working on My Property?

    It's a nightmare to think about - a roofing contractor working on your house slips and falls off your roof, resulting in serious injuries. You have many sleepless nights wondering if he's going to sue you. What can you do to protect against such risks?

    1 What is My Risk Exposure as a Condo Board Member?

    If you've ever sat on the Board of Directors of a condominium or strata corporation, you know that the role can at times be frustrating, stressful, thankless, and time consuming. But it can also be rewarding, because it gives you an opportunity to directly enhance the value of your property and improve the quality of life in your community. But is there any liability risk involved in serving on the Board? And if so, what is the level of your exposure?