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    0 Writing a Consulting Contract - A List of the Essential Parts

    If your business hires outside consultants, it's worth your while to learn how a consulting contract is structured. And if you're a consultant yourself, you'll want to know how to prepare your own agreements with clients to cut down on your legal fees.

    writing a contract

    While people often assume you need to have an attorney draw up your contracts, if you acquaint yourself with the various provisions that are included as standard elements in a consulting agreement, you should be able to confidently draft your o...

    0 Naturalization or Citizenship - What is the difference?

    I just renewed my Canadian passport, and one of the questions on the renewal form was "Are you a naturalized Canadian?" Which started me wondering about what a "naturalized Canadian" is, and what the difference is between naturalization and Canadian citizenship.

    0 Traveling with a Child? Make Sure You Have a Consent Form With You.

    A parental consent letter, stating that the adult in charge has the parent's or guardian's permission to travel with the child and authorizing him/her to make decisions on behalf of that child, is now essential - especially if traveling out of the child's country of residence. It should be signed by every person who has custodial rights over the child.

    0 Living Together Does Not Constitute Common Law Marriage

    Just because you and your significant other have lived together for a few years doesn't mean that you have a marital relationship under the law. Each country - in fact, each state, province and territory - has its own definition of marriage and its own laws and rules governing what does and does not constitute a legal marriage. Simply because you live together doesn't make you married, even if you have children together.

    0 Is An Oral Contract Enforceable?

    Samuel Goldwyn once said, "An oral contract isn't worth the paper it's written on." Sam had a point - it's often very hard to establish with 100% accuracy whether a contract actually exists, let alone the terms of the contract, if there is no written point of reference. And if you can't prove you have a contract, how can you enforce it?

    0 What Is the Purpose of an Affidavit?

    Many formal proceedings and applications require you to swear an affidavit under oath (or make an affirmation) as part of the documentation. Some examples of this are: obtaining a passport, proving service of legal documents, getting a mortgage or other type of loan, changing a title deed after a name change following marriage or divorce, and selling assets.

    0 Do You Have the Right to Place a Lien on Someone's Property?

    We are often contacted by customers who want to know how they can file a lien on someone's house or vehicle. Many people have the idea that if someone owes them money for any reason, they have the right to place a lien on the debtor's property. Often the answer is no. First you need to understand what a lien is, how lien rights are created, and whether or not you have the right to file that lien.

    0 Can You Get Out of a Contract After You've Signed It?

    If you've already signed a purchase or lease contract, is there any way you can legally get out of it now? Maybe there is. Many countries, states, provinces and territories have laws in place to protect the rights of consumers and to ensure that they are well informed about the goods or services they are purchasing or leasing.

    0 What Are Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Legal Client?

    At some point in your life, you will probably need the services of a lawyer. Do you know what your rights and obligations as a legal client are? Before you sign that retainer agreement, you should be very clear on what will be required of you, and what the lawyer’s responsibilities are with respect to disclosure, client confidentiality, and the overall manner in which he/she represents you.

    0 How to Draft a Software Development Agreement - A 12-Point Checklist

    Are you a software developer? More to the point, are you a software developer who wants to draft up a standard form of contract yourself, instead of having a lawyer do it? This checklist can help you cover the bases, but remember that it's always advisable to have a lawyer review your final form of agreement before anyone signs it, to make sure everyone's interests are addressed (it saves on litigation costs later).

    Let's look at each of the sections that should be included in a standard-form S...