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    0 Should you incorporate your Canadian business? Here are some factors to consider.

    Before deciding whether or not to incorporate your company under the Canada Business Corporations Act or any of its provincial counterparts, there are a number of important considerations which must be taken into account.

    0 How Shareholders Benefit From a Voting Trust

    A voting trust is an arrangement under which legal ownership of shares belonging to one or more shareholders are transferred to a trustee, along with the voting rights attached to those shares, usually for a specified period of time. The shareholders retain beneficial ownership of the shares and all other rights and benefits, except for the right to vote the shares.

    0 5 Steps You Need to Follow to Set Up a Limited Liability Company

    A list of the 5 principal steps you need to take in order to set up a limited liability company in the United States.

    0 Breaking Up the Partnership - How to Still Be Friends When It's Over

    You went into business with a friend or colleague, and for whatever reason, it didn't work out. Now you want to dissolve the partnership but you're worried it will ruin your friendship. You need to find a way out of the business relationship that doesn't leave you hating each other at the end of the process.

    0 Winding Down Your Business? Here's What You Need to Do

    Have you reached a point with your business where it's no longer desirable or feasible to continue operations? If you're not considering selling it, then the only other course of action is to shut it down, liquidate the assets, and pay your creditors.

    0 The Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Not Be Without an NDA

    Confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, NDAs, business protection agreements – no matter what you call them, they're an essential part of a company's internal and external contractual structure. There is no good reason for your business not to use an NDA, and many reasons you should have at least one good sample NDA in your corporate toolbox.

    0 Four Good Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Shareholder Agreement

    Every business partnership, no matter how good the relationship, has the potential to end in dispute. So long as the parties agree on significant matters, minor disagreements generally resolve themselves. The best and most proactive way to attempt to resolve or avoid potential conflicts and to minimize the costs involved in conflict resolution is to have a Shareholder Agreement in place to deal with significant business issues before they arise.

    0 Why You Should Incorporate Your Nonprofit Organization

    A nonprofit (or not for profit) organization is exactly what its name implies – it is an entity that uses any surplus revenues it generates in order to achieve certain goals, rather than as profits to be distributed among the shareholders. It can be incorporated or unincorporated, but there are advantages to being a corporation, such as limiting the liability of the members.

    0 What You Need to Know Before You Enter Into a Joint Venture

    The advantages of joint venturing

    Joint ventures are much more common in today's business world as companies strive to gain access to new world markets and improve their profit margins in the face of increasing costs and the need to comply with rapidly changing laws and regulations.

    connecting puzzle pieces

    Joint ventures, also referred to as "business alliances", "strategic alliances" or "corporate partnering", offer an attractive alternative to the traditional method of doing business, and there are numerous advan...

    0 Partnership FAQs - Answers to the Most Common Questions

    Q. What is a partnership?

    A. A partnership is an unincorporated business that is owned and operated jointly by two or more parties. It is typically an ongoing long-term business operation, the end goal of which is to create profit for the partners.

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    Q. What's the difference between a partnership and an incorporated entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company?

    A. The biggest difference is that a corporation has a legal existence separate from its owners, with the same legal rig...