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    Bill of Sale for Limited Partnership Units | Canada


    Transfer ownership of units in a limited partnership in Canada with this template Bill of Sale for Limited Partnership Units.

    • Under the Bill of Sale, the seller transfers the units to the buyer free and clear of any encumbrances, liens or rights of third parties to acquire an ownership interest.
    • The buyer and seller agree to exchange mutual releases with respect to the purchase and sale of the units.
    • The seller also releases the Limited Partnership from any claims.

    This Canada Bill of Sale for Limited Partnership Units form is available as a fully editable MS Word download.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 18-July-2018
    SKU: 3787
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    Alberta Partnership Exit Agreement


    Facilitate the exit of a partner and deal with their partnership interest with this Partnership Exit Agreement for an Alberta limited partnership.

    • The exiting partner's interest will be purchased by the general partner and the partnership.
    • Once the sale of its interest is complete, the exiting partner is relieved of its rights and obligations under the Partnership Agreement.
    • The purchasers will use best efforts to obtain a release of any guarantees of the partnership's debts given by the exiting partner and will indemnify the exiting partner against any claims or damages.
    This Alberta Partnership Exit Agreement is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your specific needs.

    Alberta Partnership Dissolution Agreement


    Wind up a general partnership in the Province of Alberta with this Partnership Dissolution Agreement.

    • One partner buys out the interest of the other partner and assumes the partnership's debts and obligations.
    • The remaining partner then continues to carry on the business of the partnership as a sole proprietorship.
    • This is a fully editable template which can be easily customized to fit your circumstances.

    Download the Alberta Partnership Dissolution Agreement for signature by you and your partners.

    Alberta Transfer of Limited Partnership Units


    Transfer your interest in an Alberta limited partnership to another party with this Transfer of Limited Partnership Units.

    This form allows the withdrawing partner to transfer all of his or her interest to either a remaining partner or a new incoming partner.

    This Alberta Transfer of Limited Partnership Units form is in MS Word format and is easy to download and use.