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    Landlord's Waiver of Claim to Fixtures - Residential


    Waive any claim you have as a landlord over a tenant's fixtures with this free form for residential tenancies.

    • The landlord waives any claims or rights to a tenant's personal property that has been built or installed by the tenant, and that is affixed to the rental premises, even if the personal property may be deemed to be a fixture.
    • This waiver would cover items like built-in storage cabinets, carpeting and other items that are fixed to walls or floors of the premises.
    • This is a free generic legal form that does not contain references to the laws of any individual state, province or territory.
    • The Landlord's Waiver of Claim to Fixtures (Residential) form is a downloadable MS Word template that is easy to use.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 29-May-2024
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