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    Australia Long Form Franchise Disclosure Document


    Provide a long form franchise disclosure document to your franchisees and potential franchisees with this free Annexure 1, in accordance with the Australia Franchising Code of Conduct.

    • All franchisors operating in Australia, whether domestic or foreign, must comply with the requirements of the Code.
    • The long form disclosure applies to businesses with an actual or expected annual turnover of $50,000 or more at any time during the term of the franchise.
    • The disclosure form provides franchisees or potential franchisees with detailed information about the corporation, the business, the franchise agreement, financial history, etc to help them make an informed decision with respect to buying a franchise or renewing an existing agreement.
    • The disclosure document must be provided to the franchisee at least 14 days before they sign a franchise agreement, along with a copy of the agreement and the Code.

    This Australia Long Form Franchise Disclosure Document is Annexure 1 to the Franchising Code of Conduct. Updated to reflect 2010 amendments.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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