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    United Kingdom Legal Will Kit


    Have you made a Will yet? Do it now - buy this complete Legal Will Kit for UK residents, which includes everything you need to make your will.

    NOTE: These forms are for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They cannot be used in Scotland.

    The package contains easy-to-use forms and guidelines to help you prepare your Will, choose executors, and appoint a guardian for minor children in the event both parents die.

    The UK Legal Will Kit includes the following:
    • Last Will and Testament, with instructions to help you complete the document;
    • Making a Will - Frequently Asked Questions, a guide that answers many of your questions about how to make a proper Will, how to appoint an executor and a guardian for minor children, how to make changes to your Will, and other common questions;
    • Checklist and worksheet for you to record all your personal data and information about your assets and property that is required to help you prepare your Will, and instructions regarding funeral, burial, cremation, organ donation, etc.;
    • Information about the duties and responsibilities of an executor.
    Download your United Kingdom Legal Will Kit immediately after purchase. All forms are fully editable.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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