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    Form 45-106F12 Risk Acknowledgment for Family, Friend and Business Associate Investors | Canada


    Investors who are family, friends or business associates of the issuer must complete this form 45-106F12 when buying shares under an exempt private placement offering.

    • This form comprises amendments in Ontario that came into effect on May 5, 2015.
    • The investor acknowledges that the investment is risky and that they may lose their entire investment.
    • This form can only be used by investors who are:
      • a principal of the issuer,
      • a family member, business associate or close friend of a majority shareholder, or
      • a trust or estate of which all of the beneficiaries or a majority of the trustees or executors are one of the above.
    • Available in PDF format.
    • This free form is issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission.
    Download Type: Adobe PDF
    Last Updated: 31-August-2022
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