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    Christmas Light Display Contract | Commercial or Municipal


    Sign up customers for your holiday lights display business with this easy-to-use Christmas Light Installation Contract form for commercial / retail businesses and municipal accounts.

    • This contract can be used for large indoor or outdoor commercial displays, or for multiple locations on municipal property (such as city parks, boulevards, in front of administrative buildings, etc).
    • The customer is responsible for preparing the locations so that installation can proceed on the agreed date(s). If the contractor has to hire additional workers to complete the displays on time, the customer agrees to pay any additional labor charges.
    • The contractor will perform regular inspections to ensure that the lights and display items are working properly. The contractor will be available for emergency repairs outside of regular hours, for an additional fee.
    • The customer will provide portable toilets if any of the installations are outdoors and not within easy access to bathroom facilities.
    • The contractor will arrange for any traffic rerouting or lane closures, and will obtain all necessary permits and licenses.
    • Any aerial lifts or other specialized heavy equipment required for the installation will be operated only by properly licensed operators.
    • The contractor indemnifies the customer against any actions, damages or costs arising from the installation of the lights and displays.
    • Download the contract template today and get your lights and display business off to a great start!
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    Last Updated: 22-February-2023
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