Letter of Intent to Lease Commercial Space


Negotiate the lease of a business premises before drawing up a formal lease document with this Letter of Intent to Lease Commercial Space.

The Letter of Intent itself is not a legal contract. Its purpose is to ensure that both the landlord and the proposed tenant have the same understanding of the lease terms discussed, such as:
  • square footage of the leased premises,
  • allowed use of the space,
  • compliance with zoning bylaws and obtaining of permits,
  • the amount and payment dates of rent payments,
  • the tenant's occupancy costs,
  • early occupancy for completion of tenant improvements,
  • landlord's work and tenant's work,
  • parking access,
  • insurance obligations,
  • procedure for terminating the lease,
  • confidentiality provisions,
  • disclosure of broker representation.

The Letter of Intent to Lease Commercial Space is a great time-saving tool for commercial landlords and property managers. Download your copy now.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016