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    USA Franchise Area Development Agreement


    Regional franchisors within the U.S. can sign up a new area developer in a designated territory with this customizable Franchise Area Development Agreement.

    • The area developer is an independent contractor, whose main responsibility is to establish franchises on behalf of the master franchisor within the assigned territory.
    • The regional franchisor grants the area developer a license to use the master franchisor's systems and marks within the development area for the purpose of developing new franchises.
    • Payment of a non-refundable area development fee is required, based on the number of franchise locations.
    • The area developer must enter into a franchise agreement for each franchised business established within the development area. The developer is responsible for locating and securing acceptable sites for each business.
    • The area developer agrees not to compete with the business of the master franchisor during the term of the Agreement and for two years afterward.
    • The regional franchisor is granted a right of first refusal if the area developer wishes to sell all or part of its assets and business.

    Download the USA Franchise Area Development Agreement immediately after purchase.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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