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    Alberta Foreign Ownership Declaration Form 3


    This Form 3 Foreign Ownership Declaration must be filed by all non-Canadians, non-permanent residents and foreign controlled corporations when they purchase an interest in controlled land in the Province of Alberta.

    • The Land Titles Act defines controlled land as land in Alberta that does not include crown lands (excluding land held by the Public Trustee), land within the boundaries of a city, town, village or summer village, and mines and minerals.
    • A foreign ownership declaration must be completed and filed by every beneficial owner of controlled land in the Province of Alberta. This Form 3 Declaration is for persons who are either not Canadian citizens or are not normally resident in Canada, and for corporations in which a majority of the voting shares are held by non-Canadians.
    • The form is a Microsoft Word template which can be completed either by hand or on a computer and filed with the Foreign Ownership of Land Administration office.
    • You can access the fillable PDF directly from Service Alberta by using the link provided.
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    Last Updated: 21-February-2022
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