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    Corporate Representations to Auditors | Canada


    Before your corporation's auditors can prepare your financial statements, they require certain representations from the corporation with respect to the financial records.

    This downloadable set of Representations is for Canadian corporations. It includes numerous acknowledgements and representations, including:

    • That the company is responsible for maintaining an internal system of accounting controls that reduces the possibility of fraud, errors and irregularities.
    • That the financial statements fairly present the company's financial position in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles (GAPP).
    • That the company has provided the auditors with all the relevant financial and corporate information.
    • That there have been no irregularities which might adversely affect the financials.
    • That the company has not violated any laws or regulations with respect to financial disclosure.
    • Representations with regard to the corporation's assets and liabilities.

    You can tailor this comprehensive template for your company's specific and unique needs, and use it from year to year - no additional fees! Download yours now.

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    Last Updated: 23-June-2018
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