Commission Contract for Original Art


Artists, do you accept commissions for custom artwork? Protect your ownership rights in the work with this template Commission Contract for Original Art.

  • The commissioned work will be based on preliminary designs by the artist which have been approved by the client.
  • The client agrees to pay the artist's reasonable expenses in connection with the creation of the work, and will pay for any shipping costs.
  • The artist is responsible for insuring the work until delivery.
  • The artist agrees to assist in installing the work if required.
  • Payment will be made in installments, the first upon signing the agreement, the second upon approval of the preliminary design and the balance upon completion of the work.
  • The client can terminate the contract if a preliminary design cannot be agreed upon, or if the artist fails to complete the work as or when agreed.
  • The artist can terminate the contract if the client does not make a payment as agreed.
  • The artist reserves the copyright and the right to a commission on any resale of the work.
This Commission Contract for Original Art template is a generic legal agreement which can be used almost anywhere.
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