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    USA Survivor Checklist


    This Survivor Checklist will guide you through the tasks that need to be dealt with when a loved one passes away, at a time when it is most difficult to deal with such matters.

    This checklist is for the United States and makes reference to US forms and procedures. The checklist will help you focus on the necessary tasks and gather the items needed by the executor or administrator (personal representative), including:
    • actions that must be taken immediately following the person's death by the spouse, family or personal representative,
    • items that must be attended to within a reasonable period of time following the death, such as paying the deceased's creditors and applying for Social Security benefits for the spouse and minor children,
    • documents that must be obtained in order to administer the estate,
    • procedures for transferring title to the deceased's property.

    Completing the USA Survivor Checklist now can help get you through a difficult time in future. Download your copy now.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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