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    2011, March

    1 What You Need to Know Before You Sign That Employment Agreement!

    Imagine this scenario: You have been offered a position that is a dream job, right in your chosen field with excellent compensation and benefits, maybe some stock options. You and your future employer have agreed to sign an Employment Agreement as a precondition. Don't panic! Keep calm and read on.


    An employment contract is the business equivalent of a prenuptial agreement and just about as uncomfortable to ask for. How will you know what items should be included in the contract, or if some i...

    0 What You Need to Know Before You Enter Into a Joint Venture

    The advantages of joint venturing

    Joint ventures are much more common in today's business world as companies strive to gain access to new world markets and improve their profit margins in the face of increasing costs and the need to comply with rapidly changing laws and regulations.

    connecting puzzle pieces

    Joint ventures, also referred to as "business alliances", "strategic alliances" or "corporate partnering", offer an attractive alternative to the traditional method of doing business, and there are numerous advan...