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Create your own personalized business forms, reduce waste and save money with these convenient downloadable document templates.

  • No matter what business you are in, you still need to prepare paperwork.
  • Find customizable reusable contracts, business plans, letters, forms, manuals, policies, invoices and other templates for your business.
  • Save money on printing costs and reduce the time you spend preparing your documents and correspondence.

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Academic Research and Writing Service Agreement

If you research and write academic papers, such as theses, essays and dissertations, you need this Academic Research and Writing Service Agreement template.

  • The writer's ability to deliver the services may be restricted by the policies and regulations of the educational institution. By signing the agreement, the student warrants that the writer's delivery of the services will not violate any such policies.
  • The writer does not guarantee that the student will receive .....

Acceptance of Damaged Goods with Discount

Has a supplier sent you defective or damaged goods? Inform the supplier you'll accept them provided you get a discount, with this Acceptance of Damaged Goods form.

You can download the MS Word template or copy and paste the text below.


(name of supplier)


Dear Sir / Madam:

The undersigned received defective or non-conforming goods in respect of our order dated the _________ day.....

Accident and Incident Reporting Policy

Set out your company's policy and procedure for reporting workplace accidents and incidents in this downloadable and customizable Policy Statement template.

  • The Policy must be followed by all employees, contractors and visitors to the company's premises and all who use company equipment or vehicles.
  • Procedures for reporting all accidents, incidents and injuries are described in detail.
  • Company management and safety officers will conduct an investigation, rec.....

Accounting Firm Business Plan

Write a business plan for an accounting office with this downloadable template Accounting Firm Business Plan.

  • This sample Plan was written for an existing business that wants to raise capital to expand its facilities and service offerings.
  • The template includes a market analysis, marketing strategy, and pro forma financial samples.
  • The file also includes a Confidentiality Agreement which should be signed by anyone reviewing the business plan to pr.....

Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

Write a professional marketing strategy and action plan for your accounting business with this easy-to-use Accounting Firm Marketing Plan template.

This Marketing Plan can be edited for use by a professional corporation, partnership or association, or by an accountant operating as a sole proprietorship. The Marketing Plan includes:

  • financial and budget projections with respect to marketing and promotions,
  • a situational analysis,
  • a marketing strateg.....

Acknowledgement of Change to Purchase Order

Before you change the terms of a customer's order, get them to acknowledge the change in writing by signing this Acknowledgement Form.

Protect yourself and your business by getting all changes acknowledged in writing. This will make it clear that the customer knows about and agrees to the changes, and reduces your exposure to liability claims.

You can download the free form, or copy and paste the text below.


Acknowledgement of Copyright in Artwork

When original art or photos for publication, protect your copyright in the work by having the publisher or editor sign this Acknowledgement of Copyright in Artwork at the time you submit the work.

  • The publisher / editor acknowledges that you are the owner of the copyright.
  • The publisher / editor agrees that the work will not be used for any purpose other than for the publication.

Don't run the risk of losing your rights in your own work. Always get the.....


Acknowledgement of Debt Obligation for Studio Fees

Do you allow musical artists to use your recording studio on a pay-later basis? Be sure you get paid with this Acknowledgement of Debt Obligation for Recording form.

  • The Acknowledgement can cover all or part of the costs, including studio time, engineer, producer, session musicians, and CD mastering.
  • The artist acknowledges the outstanding amounts still owing to various parties involved in making the recording, and agrees to pay all the outstanding amounts prior to re.....

Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music

Obtain the rights to a musical composition from the composer with this Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music template.

  • The composer was contracted on a work-for-hire basis to write the composition.
  • The composer assigns all of his/her rights and title to the musical composition to the client.
  • The client has the sole right to copyright the work.
  • The client grants performance rights for the composition back to the composer.

Actor & Character Personal Props List

Create a Personal Props List for each actor in a film or television production with this easy-to-use template form.

  • The props list allows the Props Department to track personal props by actor and/or character.
  • The tracking list helps to ensure that all the items are on set before filming each scene.
  • This is a MS Word template which can be filled in electronically or printed out in blank and filled in by hand.

Don't take a chance on losing .....